FP2FIRE Services

Owner Advocacy/A&E Teaming

Whether its 10,000 sq ft or 1,000,000 sq ft, a new facility or modifying an existing one can be a tough job.  Sometimes determining which codes and standards apply can be challenging; assuring compliance with them can be even harder. FP2FIRE is experienced in assuring that both owners and design firms get want they need and what they pay for in a construction project. A tough job can be easier with FP2FIRE on your side. Ask about our owner advocacy experience.

Programmatic Advice

If your site is like many others you run your own fire prevention program, keep things safe and compliant and do a good job of keeping operations going. BUT, it would be good to have a 2nd opinion or some independent analysis of a complicated fire safety issue from time to time. FP2FIRE can help. We have provided this service for multiple clients and the cost is affordable.  Pay for help when you need it and not when you don’t.

Baseline Needs Assessments

A Baseline Needs Assessment determines the minimum standard for Fire Department staffing, equipment, training, and response times (station locations) by evaluating applicable regulations (dozens of them), local topography, hazards, and population and building densities, mutual aid availability and then determining the defensible baseline needs.  We have performed numerous BNAs at Government sites to help them determine what they need from their Fire Department.  Then we analyze all potentially applicable requirements documents and condense them into one easy to understand set of baseline needs.  A BNA can be a perfect technical supplement to a Statement of Work for any agency considering an outsourcing or contract solution for emergency response needs.

Hydrogen Technologies

FP2FIRE has played an integral role in the development of new codes and standards applicable to the use of hydrogen.  FP2 has key members on the Technical Commitees responsible for NFPA 2, Hydrogen Technologies Code; NFPA 55, Compressed Gases and Cryogenic Fluids Code; and NFPA 400, Hazardous Materials Code.  Have questions about code requirements – just ask!  Need help with a hydrogen related research or construction project – just ask!  FP2FIRE has the expertise and can help!

Code Consulting

Whether you’re a Developer, an Owner or an Architect, you can benefit from our extensive code knowledge, particularly in regard to fire protection, life safety and hazardous materials operations.  We can provide expert guidance in navigating the codes for a cost effective, code-compliant facility.  Our code consulting services include:

  • Building & Fire Code Analysis
  • Building Plan Review (Conceptual Design, Design Development, Construction Drawings)
  • Fire Protection System Plan Review and Field Inspection
  • Egress Analysis
  • Pre-Incident (Emergency) Planning
  • Fire and Life Safety Evaluation
  • Hazardous Materials

Fire Protection Assessment (FPA)

Is your facility compliant with the Fire Code and applicable NFPA codes and standards?  Need to perform a self-assessment to meet requirements for DOE O 420.1B, your insurance carrier or an ES&H audit?  We’re here to help.  Let us assist you in determining the applicable code requirements for your facility and providing an assessment of overall code compliance.  We have performed FPAs for a multitude of occupancies in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Fire Hazards Analysis (FHA)

Need help completing an FHA to meet DOE O 420.1B?  Give us a call.  We have experience developing FHAs as well as coordinating this work with the Documented Safety Analysis (DSA) so that your safety basis documents are harmonized.  We’ve completed FHAs for numerous facilities at several DOE sites.

Sample Reports:

Fire Safety Summary Report, Spokane WA

Alternative Methods and Materials Analysis Inflation of Weather Balloons with Hydrogen Gas, Majuro, Marshall Islands

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