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About FP2Fire


We provide owner advocacy services related to Building and Fire Code issues as well as National Fire Protection Association codes and standards, during design review, facility construction and renovation projects; Fire Life Safety Evaluations; Fire Protection Assessments; Fire Hazard Analyses; code consulting and more.

The FP2 Team of Professional Fire Protection Engineers

  • Martin Gresho, PE

Other FP2 Team Members:

  • Scott Heyworth, P.E.
  • Al Bruch – NICET Level III Sprinkler Designer

National Weather Service

FP2 has successfully performed work for the National Weather Service at multiple locations. This work has included:

  • Code Analyses at Upper Air Inflation Buildings used to inflate weather balloons and justify either continued use of hydrogen or conversion from helium to hydrogen for inflation. Helium is more scarce and much more expensive than hydrogen.
  • FP2 has also designed and installed Hydrogen Inflation Safety Systems at 4 NWS sites in the Eastern Region. This works included design, procurement, assembly, programming, testing, installation and construction of a Hydrogen Inflation Safety System (HISS) that adds automatic safety features to the inflation process. The conversions also include relocation of a hydrogen gas supply to the building exterior.


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